In COMANDER, a total number of 17 researchers will be exchanged between the participants with a total of 264 secondment months comprising of: six early-stage researchers (35.29%) with a total of 108 secondment months (40.9%); seven Experienced Researchers <10 years (41.17%) with a total of 114 secondment months (43.18%) and; five Experienced Researchers >10 years (23.52%) with a total of 42 secondment months (15.90%). This clearly shows the balanced mixture of experience participating in COMANDER, confirming the partners’ strategy to strengthen the knowledge return mechanism by exposing younger personnel to new facilities and technologies, whilst working closely with more experienced personnel in order to accelerate knowledge adoption and ensure the progress of the project. COMANDER’s researcher exchange network has been carefully structured to rely on secondments, employing the complete range of scientific and technical roles required.

COMANDER's consortium is made up of the following members:


COMANDER aims at bringing together experts from the industry and academia with the long-term goal of delivering a state of the art, cutting-edge and cost-efficient approach to the problem of Next-Generation access Networks (NGN) design. The design of NGN has since long dictated the necessity to merge the currently distinct optical and wireless infrastructures into an amalgamated network capable of offering the best part of both worlds: the stability and ultra-high speeds of optical fiber networks with the agility and flexibility of wireless networks.


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